GTA 5 gameplay

GTA 5 main story missions occur in Vice Detective mode.- Player can follow two main paths: Clean (by the book, investigate partner) or Dirty (follow detective partner into criminal underworld).
- As a dirty detective in GTA 5, player can plant evidence, beat informants, get blowjobs from hookers, steal money and dope from police evidence locker, sell drugs and guns.
- Investigations in Grand Theft Auto 5 include illegal gambling, prostitution, and drug dealing.
- Detective Mode in GTA 5 utilizes the 'cell phone' system similar to GTA IV.
- NPC interaction and comments can give hints as to whether they are nervous or hiding something. This also applies to the Patrol Officer mode in GTA 5 during frisking mini-game, traffic stops and other NPC interaction.
- Detective Mode requires you to develop informants and phone contacts (to be placed in your cell phone and detective ledger) - note that detective ledger is as yet unconfirmed for GTA 5
- Interaction with NPCs as a detective in Grand Theft Auto 5 is fairly straightforward. Rockstar is introducing a new system for GTA 5 but does not want to go overboard with it and lose fans, according to our confidential source.
- There will occasionally be very basic prompts while interacting with NPCs in GTA 5.
- The various investigations in GTA 5 conclude with a request for warrant.
- Actual arrests are performed with actions similar to those in Patrol Officer mode.
- Arrests in GTA 5 may require foot chase through street, car chase, shootout.
- Suspects can be interrogated in GTA 5.
- Interrogations can be nice or tough. Yes, you can beat your suspects though this it's unknown if this has an effect on the investigation.
- Reportedly, a dirty judge is part of one investigation.
- Vice cop difficulty in GTA 5 can be adjusted from easy to hard. Hard level requires lengthier investigations, although it is unknown at this time what that means. Likely it requires more basic running around and talking to informants.


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