Ford Ka (2009-) Review

4 out of 5

Summary of the Ford Ka (2009-)

Price Range: £7,395 to £9,145


Sharp drive, supple ride, cute looks.


Stingy on kit, limited space for adults in rear, lacks charm of Fiat 500.


The Ka out-drives the 500, but loses out on value and desirability.

Ford Ka Review

Overview4 out of 5

Perhaps it's a little unfair to approach the new Ford Ka with such a huge weight of anticipation, but honestly, we can't help it.

That's because the tiny Ford has been co-developed alongside the Fiat 500 - the most exciting city car for a long time.

But instead of launching alongside the Fiat, we've had to wait an agonising 12 months for Ford to ready its own version - time we would hope Ford has spent addressing some of the 500's flaws.

Available initially with two Fiat-sourced engines, a 68bhp 1.2 petrol and a 74bhp 1.3 Mulitjet diesel, the Ka comes in four trims: Studio, Style, Style+ and Zetec. It will be aggressively priced to undercut the Fiat 500, with prices starting at just £7,995 - that's £100 cheaper than the equivalent Fiat.

The cute second-generation Ka might have price on its side, but does it have enough talent to overshadow the 500's hugely desirable retro flavour?